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My revival of the Warhammer 40k Ork Speak Translator: green is best
Useful Sites:
Recommended Software:
  -Web Browsers
    +Firefox (Stable, Beta , and Aurora (replaced by ``Developer Edition") release channels)
  -Firefox Add-ons
    +Adblock Plus/Adblock Edge
    +Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus
  -Windows Programs
    +Notepad++ (editor)
    +foobar2000 (music player)
    +Deluge (torrent client)
    +Hexchat (irc client)
    +Thunderbird (email)
    +CPU-Z and GPU-Z (hardware information)
    +MSI Afterburner (GPU overclocking, temperature monitoring, and fan control)
  -GNU/Linux Distributions
    +Debian. Relatively user friendly, incredibly stable and reliable at the cost of using rather old packages. Hard to go wrong with it, especially with servers.
    +Crunchbang. Essentially a preconfigured Debian, very lightweight and excellent hardware support, great for general use. Officially discontinued. RIP.
    +Fedora. Brought to you by the open source software leaders known as Red Hat.
    +CentOS. Essentially a freely distributed Red Hat Enterprise Linux for small companies and users. Since it is pretty much Red Hat, you can expect a very, very reliable server distribution.
    +OpenSUSE. Great desktop OS, easy to use. YaST.
    +Slackware. One of the oldest distributions to still be alive and for good reason.